Insights Gained from the Scholars, Educators and Researchers on Practices of Culturally Responsive English Language Teaching


  • Aung Thet Soe


Culturally responsive teaching, English language classrooms, Insights,, Practices


This study evaluated the literature available on practices of Culturally
Responsive Teaching (CRT) in the field of ELT. This documentary analysis
of literature brought to light multiple insights for educators to consider.
Document analysis was applied to explore the insights used by the scholars,
educators and researchers. The process in this study involves evaluating
electronic and physical documents to interpret them, gain an understanding
of their meaning and develop upon the information they provide. Finally,
three insights were addressed in this study: ( i) the need for improved
professional development (PD) for educators, (ii) educators’ professional
practices, and (iii) CRT strategies. The first insight gained was the extreme
need for thorough CRT training for English teachers. In the many surveys
completed, the majority of teachers felt there was not enough training on