Translation as Method: From English Math to Cebuano-Visayan Math


  • Kristyl C. Zagala
  • Genesis S. Gabriel
  • Fevelina C. Baluyot
  • Nonadel A. Soriano
  • Sercon P. Maiso
  • Glenn C. Caro


Cebuano-Visayan math,, English math,, Method,, Translation


Translation as method in teaching and in developing the cognitive skills of
students in bilingual or multilingual environment has proven to be one of
more effective ways of motivating students into having a fuller grasp of
concepts behind terms Basols (2019). Narrative to this teaching method
demonstrates the urgency of employing this strategy in Philippine State
College of Aeronautics Mactan Campus in order to determine if translation
does have a positive effect to student mathematical comprehension skills.
This research found out that translation is a good tool in mathematics
learning course as it aimed to enhance student’s mathematical
comprehension skills. Translating Mathematics terminologies from English
to Cebuano Visayan is much useful as perceived by the 150 respondents.
The dictionary on translation from English Math to Cebuano Visayan was