Teaching Methods vis-à-vis Learning Styles under the Influence of an Exit Test: A Washback Perspective


  • Yahya Ameen Tayeb
  • Morshed Salim Al-Jaro


Exit test,, Exit test,Learning styles,, Teaching methods,, Washback


This study aimed at investigating the interrelationship between the teaching
methods and the learning styles under the inevitable washback influence of
General Secondary English Examination (GSEE) on Yemeni Secondary
school students. GSEE is the highest secondary school exit test that is run
by the Ministry of Education. This public exam constituted the cornerstone
of the students’ future, where both teachers and students were preoccupied
with how to get passed with the high marks to be eligible to join the
university. Qualitive approach has been applied by using classroom
observations, semi-structured interviews and group discussions. Based on
the research data, the findings of the three qualitative instruments confirmed
equivalent implications. The study contributed obvious evidence of the