Students' Attitude towards English Literature in EFL Curricula


  • Win Kyi Kyi Naing
  • Aye Aye Mar


EFL curricula,, English literature,, Myanmar,, Students' attitude


In education programs of Myanmar Higher Education Institution MHEIs,
incorporation of literature in EFL curricula for English specialization
students is promoted for several motives. Literature allows for deductive
learning of the language and reduces inductive learning that is wearing and
uninteresting if used all the time. Most researchers have considered attitude
as an important variable that influences success in a learning task. Basically,
analysing students' attitude is a significant phase that should lead any
improvements in the course plan or content. This improvement is more
important when dealing with university students who have already finished
high school and look up to university to provide them with more motivating
and wide-ranging content that addresses their requirements. As mentioned
above, analysis of the students’ attitude is critical for making decisions with
regard to the kind of preparation they should get prior to boarding on the
study of literary courses in their academic years. This research explores the