Using Video Recording Technique to Increase Students’ Vocabulary


  • cheewarat silapun -
  • Poonsuk Jantasin


Video-recording technique, Vocabulary, Vocabulary retention


        This study aims to (1) compare students’ vocabulary before and after using video recording technique (VRT) (2) study students’ vocabulary learning retention after using VRT and (3) study students’ experience towards using VRT. This research involved 10 Business English major students who were enrolled in Listening and Speaking for Business English 2 Course at Roi Et Rajabhat University. The participants were selected using a purposive sampling technique. This research was mixed-method research. The data was collected through vocabulary test (administered as pre-test, post-test and delayed-test) and semi-structured interview. The data were analysed using mean, standard deviation, paired sample t-test and thematic analysis. 

The findings indicate that (1) the score of the post-test was statistically significantly higher than the pre-test at the .05 level. (2) The score of the pre-test was statistically significantly higher than the delayed post-test at the .05 level. The students’ vocabulary retention was 91.61%. (3) All of the participants agreed that VRT is an effective way to increase their vocabulary